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Explore Armenia’s wildlife – follow “The Explorers”!

On Saturday, July 2nd at 17.20, all TV viewers are invited to join an exciting event: the broadcasting of FPWC’s TV Program “The Explorers” in Armenian Public TV! The program, developed with the support of VivaCell-MTS, is the first wildlife reality show ever produced and broadcasted in Armenia.

Throughout the ten episodes of the program, six teenagers will have their physical and mental strength tested as they attempt to cope with the challenges of surviving in Armenia’s remote wilderness. During the trip, the six will not only cross wild rivers and climb high mountains but will also be asked to identify plants and observe rare animals. Moreover, they will discover cultural sites and gain insight into their forefathers’ beliefs and culture. 

Overall, FPWC’s new TV program aims to encourage young Armenians to discover their country’s unique natural and cultural heritage and to take an active role in its protection. Moreover, the program hopes to inspire pride and a sense of ownership within the youngsters for their local natural treasures and the basic roots of Armenian culture.

A unique characteristic of “The Explorers” is its “youth for youth” approach as many of the short films, interviews and reports which are inserted in the program are made either entirely by youngsters or partially through their participation in the production process which include topic selection, assisting the camera team, or doing research. 

“The Explorers” will be available to youngsters of Armenian descent from all over the world as it will be broadcasted via satellite. For these young Diaspora Armenians, the program hopes to familiarize them with their homeland’s unique natural and cultural heritage and give them the chance to develop emotional ties to their native country. In addition, the program aims to create an opportunity for young Armenians living abroad to stay in contact with their peers in Armenia and to get a vivid insight into their life, concerns, demands and activities.

Finally, “The Explorers” will strive to become highly popular among young people while spreading the message that Armenia’s young generation is prepared to take over the responsibility for their country’s unique natural heritage.

SunChild TV and the interactive SunChild TV webpage are produced and maintained by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC). SunChild TV is one of FPWC’s numerous initiatives to spread environmental education among the Armenian youth. SunChild TV is the first environmental program for young viewers in the whole South Caucasus region.